Wes Dodgens
Star Wars in the Classroom
Green Leader's Bio

Ian Doescher
Author: William Shakespeare's Star Wars
Gold Leader's Bio

Janice Liedl
Co-editor:Star Wars and History
Silver Leader's Bio

Thomas Riddle
Star Wars in the Classroom
Red Leader's Bio

Dan Zehr
Coffee with Kenobi
Blue Leader's Bio

Vanessa Marshall
Hera, Star Wars: Rebels
Vanessa Marshall's Bio

John Morton
Dak, The Empire Strikes Back
John Morton's Bio

Consetta Parker
Parker Publicity
Consetta Parker's Bio

Ryder Windham
NY Times Best-selling Author
Ryder Windham's Bio

Bryan Young
Filmmaker, Author
Bryan Young's Bio

Tricia Barr
Tricia Barr's Bio

Cole Horton
Historian, Author
Cole Horton's Bio

Tasia Valenza
Tasia Valenza's Bio

Amy Ratcliffe
Amy Ratcliffe's Bio

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