Star Wars: Rebels is an animated series that premiered on Disney Channel and Disney XD in October, 2014. The series takes place between Star Wars Episodes III and IV, approximately 14 years after the formation of the Galactic Empire. Rebels reveals an aggressive and powerful Empire increasing its repressive hold across the galaxy, while the Rebellion is struggling to effectively organize against the Imperials. The Emperor's issue of Order 66 or Jedi Purge has also resulted in the continued hunting of underground Jedi by Imperial forces.

Like the rest of the Star Wars Universe, Rebels lends itself to educational ties that will help students make powerful connections to Social Studies, Science, English/Language Arts, the Arts, Math and more. Our goal is to provide educators with these connections as the Rebels series plays out each week on Disney XD.

View the Main Characters of Rebels

Ezra Bridger

A 14 year old human boy who resides on the Imperial controlled planet of Lothal. Ezra survives as a talented con artist, usually at the expense of Imperial forces. Ezra later discovers himself to be Force-sensitive.

Hera Syndulla

A strong-willed Twi'lek who owns and pilots the Ghost, the spaceship of the heroes.

Kanan Jarrus

A Jedi who survived Order 66, Kanan is the leader of the Ghost's crew.

Sabine Wren

A Mandalorian weapons and explosives expert who also specializes in graffiti and "artisitc expression" against the Empire.

Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios

A very large Lasat who serves as the Ghost crew's muscle and carries himself with a surprising sense of witt and humor.


Also known by his designation, C1-10P, "Chopper" is an astromech droid that was constructed by Hera. He is known for his strong strong will and inabliity to follow exact orders from the Ghost crew.

The Inquisitor

Not much is known about the Empire’s Imperial Inquisitor. A Pau’an male, he was tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down any surviving Jedi Knights. The Inquistor was an intimidating figure, dressed in all black and wielding a red, double-bladed lightsaber.

Agent Kallus

Agent Kallus was an officer of the Imperial Security Bureau, specifically charged with eliminating any rebel threats. His Imperial code name was ISB-021, a low number indicating his high rank. Adept at hand-to-hand combat, Kallus was deadly in the field, and took special interest in eliminating the Ghost crew.

Season One

Spark of RebellionAfter being caught up in a mission by a group of rebels, a teenage street orphan, Ezra, helps the group on a rescue attempt of some Imperial slaves.
Droids in DistressThe rebels intercept a shipment of weapons intended for the Empire and accidentally end up hosting a pair of droids.
Fighter FlightWhile on a simple errand, Ezra and Zeb steal an Imperial vehicle.
Rise of the Old MastersThe rebel crew undergoes a daring rescue mission, only to find themselves facing a powerful foe.
Breaking RanksEzra goes undercover inside the Empire to retrieve information vital to an operation.
Out of DarknessTheir relationship strained over trust issues, Hera and Sabine team up for a supply run but find an unexpected danger waiting.
Empire DayEzra struggles with unanswered questions from the past on Empire Day -- his birthday -- while the Ghost crew uncovers key Imperial intel.
Gathering ForcesThe Inquisitor continues his pursuit of the Ghost crew, while Ezra looks to make a connection with the Force.
Path of the JediRecognizing it's time for Ezra to undertake his next important step in Jedi training, Kanan and his apprentice quest for an ancient Jedi Temple on Lothal. Once there, Ezra begins a series of Jedi tests and receives some unexpected guidance from Jedi Master Yoda.
Idiot's ArrayAfter Zeb bets -- and loses -- Chopper in a game of sabacc, the Ghost crew find themselves caught in the middle of a smooth-talking smuggler's scheme.
Vision of HopeAfter experiencing a vision of the future, Ezra leads the Ghost crew into a meeting with a potential ally.
Call to ActionThe Ghost crew, having proved effective in their strikes against the Empire, win the attention of a powerful new enemy.
Rebel ResolveWith Kanan in Imperial custody, Ezra makes a risky deal and sets a plan in motion to save his Master.
Fire Across the GalaxyThe Ghost crew makes a final desperate attempt to rescue Kanan from the Empire. Who will fall?