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Season 1, Pilot

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After being caught up in a mission by a group of rebels, a teenage street orphan, Ezra, helps the group on a rescue attempt of some Imperial slaves.

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Historical Connections

Tarkintown & Hoovervilles

Tarkintown of Lothal

Tarkintown was a Lothal slum on the outskirts of Capital City named for Grand Moff Tarkin. The inhabitants of the makeshift camp were evicted from their farms by the Imperial officials and anyone who resisted was arrested for treason. The downtrodden occupants of Tarkintown were appreciative of any help they received, especially from a small team of local rebels that fought against the Imperial occupation.

An example of a "Hooverville".

During America's Great Depression, many people were left penniless and without a home. Such individuals often found themselves taking refuge in small shanty town or homeless communities that were popularly known as "Hoovervilles." The homeless villages were named for President Herbert Hoover who was in office during the early years of the Depression. Due to a lack of success in preventing and dampening the impact of the Great Depression, Hoover was ultimately blamed for the mass unemployment sweeping the nation. Unhappy with his economic policies, many people in America took their frustration out on the president by making his name synonymous with the plight of the day. In addition to Hoovervilles, newspapers used by the homeless for nighttime warmth were known as "Hoover blankets" and the act of pulling out one's pocket liners to reveal empty pockets was commonly known as "Hoover flags." Residents of Hoovervilles used whatever materials they could find to construct their makeshift homes. These items included: stone, wood from crates, cardboard and scraps of metal. By 1940, Hoovervilles began to disappear as the US economy improved.

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Lothal- Cities of Wealth & Power

Capital City of Lothal.

Capital City (Lothal) is the political, commercial, and cultural center of Lothal and is home to local business, Imperial factories, impressive skyscrapers, and a large and diverse citizenry. With vast amounts of untapped natural resources, Lothal became an ideal location for Imperial mining operations and a large TIE fighter production facility. In order to maintain control of this valuable world, the Empire established garrisons that occupied the Capital City and conducted regular patrols of the outlying area, spreading fear and tyranny throughout the once peaceful city.

The ancient Indus city of Lothal

Situated along a major trading route, Lothal was one of the most significant cities established in the ancient Indus Valley and features the world’s earliest known docking port. This walled city was home to a highly organized and flourishing society that produced exquisite beadwork, copper products, and unique pottery for trade with people as far away as the Mediterranean region. Like other cities of the Harappan Civilization, Lothal’s advanced infrastructure included paved roads, underground drainage systems, and fortified citadel for protection.

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Legendary Rebels

The Story of Robin Hood

"Robin Hood Shoots with Sir Guy" by Louis Rhead.

The heroes of Star Wars: Rebels bear a striking resemblance to those found within numerous variations of the tales of Robin Hood. Like the legendary archer of Sherwood, Kanan leads a band of rebels ,whose goal is to provide assistance and protection for those in need, all the while attempting to thwart the plans of a despotic ruler. His closest companion is Hera, who like Robin’s Marian, is a scrappy fighter, a great leader, and a worthy equal to her partner. The muscle of the group is Zeb, whose bravery and antics are comparable to those of Little John while Chopper is similar to the short, portly and, in the early tales, often cantankerous Friar Tuck, one who is often underestimated in his ability to match wits and weapons with an opponent. Then there is Sabine who, like the traveling minstrel Alan-a-Dale, is a talented artist who is equally skilled in the martial arts. And finally, there is Ezra, the youngest hero of the group whose impetuous nature and natural abilities in combat harken to the character of Will Scarlet, Robin Hood’s nephew (in some stories) and the greatest swordsman in the group.

Heroes need villains to thwart and such is the case in both Rebels and the stories of Robin Hood. Agent Kallus is a ruthless killer charged with destroying the rebels, much like Guy of Gisbourne seeks out Robin Hood while The Inquisitor is similar to the Sheriff of Nottingham in his role as his lord’s chief enforcer. So who, then, is the match to the evil Prince John? Is it Vader or Palpatine? You decide!



Statue of Viriato

Literary tradition holds that Viriato was a simple shepherd who became a skilled horseman and swordsman, leading a general revolt by the Lusitani people against the Romans who sought to conquer the Iberian Peninsula. A gifted strategist, he was able to defeat several invading Roman armies, often by pretending to flee and then outflanking his opponents. After ensnaring a large Roman legion, Viriato gained independence for his people. No other military leader who rebelled against Roman expansion was as successful as Viriato. To this day, he is recognized as one of Portugal's greatest heroes and remains a symbol of national pride.

Wilhelm Tell

Wilhelm Tell

Wilhelm Tell was a Swiss hero who was an expert hunter and marksman with the crossbow. When the people of his village were humiliated by Austrian soldiers who occupied the region, Wilhelm Tell stood defiant against them and was arrested. As punishment, he was ordered to shoot an apple from the head of his own son with his crossbow. Being an excellent shot, Tell split the apple but was ordered to the dungeons anyway. He later escaped and was active in leading an uprising that resulted in Switzerland’s independence.


Reflection for Spark of Rebellion

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