Studying Skywalkers: Mentors in the Star Wars Films

Check out Dan Z's latest blog about the roles that mentors play in Star Wars and how those roles compare to Homer's classic The Odyssey.

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From World War to Star Wars: Bars, Cafés, and Cantinas

In his latest blog, our fellow Rogue Cole Horton, discusses the significant role that bars and cafes play in Star Wars and for the soldiers of World War II.

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Ian Doescher visits Housel Middle School

Check out Craig Dickinson's (Rogue 3) recent blog post about New York Times Best-selling author, Ian Doescher's visit to Housel Middle School.

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The Cinema Behind Star Wars: Throne of Blood

Check out Bryan Young's latest blog at In his latest entry, Young examines Akira Kurosawa's influence on the prequel trilogy via his 1957 classic Throne of Blood.

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Studying Skywalkers: Thanksgiving in the Prequel Trilogy

Check out Blue Leader's (aka Dan Z) latest posting on In his latest blog posting, Dan discusses the significance of meals in the prequel trilogy. Check it out to learn how the meals we share often reveal a lot about our relationships with others.

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'The Phantom of Menace' Coming Soon!

It’s happening! Our very own Gold Leader, Ian Doescher recently announced that his best-selling William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series is growing to include the prequel trilogy. published an exclusive first look at the cover to the upcoming The Phantom of Menace. All three prequel books will be available prior to the release of Episode VII this December. Stay tuned!

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Star Wars in the Classroom on

Amy Ratcliffe was kind enough to interview Wes Dodgens and Thomas Riddle for her most recent blog on In this installment of "Fully Operational Fandom," Amy discusses Thomas and Wes' inspiration for creating Star Wars in the classroom and their desire to build a community of educators who use Star Wars as a learning tool. Be sure to check it out to learn more about their mission and hopes for the future!

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