Introducing The Rogues: Flight Crew

Since beginning our Rogues Initiative for teachers, we've had many non-educators express interest in supporting our mission of inspiring teaching and learning with Star Wars. We are happy to announce the addition of The Rogues: Flight Crew where members will help us by spreading the word about using Star Wars in the classroom through their own websites and social media. If you are a not a teacher, but would like to help support Star Wars in the Classroom, we invite you to join the Flight Crew!

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Droid Building & Robotics

R2-D2 and C-3P0 are two of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe. A growing number of fans from all over the world have taken to constructing their own robots, calling themselves “Droid Builders.” The R2 units being built are fully functioning copies and, in some cases, better than the onscreen versions. Learn how you can inspire your students through robotics!

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Serve Like a Jedi 2015 - May 4th

Our ‪#‎ServeLikeAJedi‬ event is now posted. We hope you'll sign up and join in as we demonstrate to the world the care and compassion found within the Star Wars community. Even the smallest act of kindness can make a big difference!

Visit our Facebook page to sign up!

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Star Wars and Westerns

Before premiering the new teaser trailer at Star Wars Celebration, Director JJ Abrams was discussing the new desert planet of Jakku when he added that “Star Wars is as much a Western… as it is anything else.”

Several months ago we presented parallels between Star Wars and America’s Westward Expansion. Take a few moments to learn how George Lucas and the overall saga has been influenced by the Old West.

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'Rebels' Cast Discuss What Star Wars Teaches Us

At Celebration Anaheim, our very own Thomas Riddle had the opportunity to ask the cast of Star Wars: Rebels about the big lessons being taught through the stories. Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Kanan), Vanessa Marshall (Hera), and Steven Blum (Zeb) tackle the question and provide interesting insight into the lessons of Rebels. Watch the video to see how they responded!

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The Rogues Celebrate One Year

Mid-April marks the one year anniversary of the Rogues initiative. It’s been an exciting year for us, having recently surpassed 200 members and 9 Spec Ops members. We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest and support from educators and fans from around the world. All of you prove that Star Wars is a valuable learning tool and that there is widespread interest in using Star Wars in education. Please continue to spread the word and invite your friends! Thanks for supporting the Rogues and we look forward to another exciting year!

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The Rogues Welcome Amy Ratcliffe

We are excited to announce the addition of Amy Ratcliffe to the Spec Ops team! Amy is a writer, drinker of coffee, and a craft enthusiast. She contributes to sites such as, Nerdist, Comic Book Resources, and IGN and to Star Wars Insider. She hoards craft supplies like a dragon hoards gold and loves to find ways to use materials to incorporate Star Wars into all the things.

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Update Archive

Are you an educator who teaches with Star Wars? Do you find yourself receiving odd looks from colleagues or see their eyes roll when you mention your awesome Star Wars lesson plan?

If so, then you're a Rogue and you're not alone! The Rogues are an amazing group of educators who seek to make learning fun and engaging by integrating the Star Wars saga...

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