Rebels: Connections - Graffiti and War

War and artistic soldiers like Sabine Wren are not as unique as one might assume. Soldiers have been leaving behind graffiti, amongst other things, for centuries. The images and messages they leave behind can reveal the ins and outs of a soldier’s daily life or they can be sobering reminders of the bitter struggles between people.

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Ultimate Star Wars and the Writer’s Journey

Rogue Tricia Barr discusses her new book, Ultimate Star Wars and the journey of crafting such a comprehensive book and that excitement that comes with being a Star Wars author.

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Real Star Wars Heroes Gather at Celebration Anaheim

At Star Wars Celebration, fellow Rogue John "Dak" Morton hosted a very special panel on Star Wars trooping and military and service professionals, firefighters, EMT's and law enforcement officers. The panel consisted of military veterans and other service professionals who discussed how Star Wars has played an important role in their lives.

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The Cinema Behind Star Wars: Ben Hur

Fellow Rogue Bryan Young examines the cinematic influences of the classic story of Ben-Hur. Beyond the obvious pod racing and chariot racing connections, Young also discusses the similarities in the betrayals of Anakin and Obi-Wan to Messala and Judah Ben-Hur.

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The Rogues Serve Like A Jedi

This year’s Serve Like A Jedi campaign was a success! Dozens of Rogues participated and encouraged their students to serve by helping those in need. Whether it was volunteering their time, money, or collecting goods, all participants walked away with a greater understanding of community service and the need to help others. Learn how some of the Rogues participated in Serve Like A Jedi 2015!

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Writing Prompt - The Mystery of Kylo Ren's Lightsaber

Presently, little is known about Kylo Ren, the apparent villain of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. To inspire your students, we have created a writing prompt based around the unique lightsaber hilt of Kylo Ren. Unleash the imagination of your students and see who can create the best back story for this mysterious antagonist.

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Rebels: Connections - 'Ghost' & Motherships

In Out of Darkness we get a closer look at the Rebels' spaceship, Ghost. A convenient addition to Ghost is a shuttle, the Phantom, that attaches to the rear of the ship. The Phantom enables the crew to perform covert ops or split up to perform simultaneous tasks. During World War II, Japan experimented with a similar technology when they used mini-subs during their infamous attack on Pearl Harbor.

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