Droids in Distress

Season 1, Episode 1

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Episode Overview

The rebels intercept a shipment of weapons intended for the Empire and accidentally end up hosting a pair of droids.

Star Wars Rebels: "Zeb vs. Agent Kallus"

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Historical Connections

Imperial Atrocities

Sabine and Ezra examine a T-7 Disruptor.

In Droids in Distress our heroes find themselves involved in a heist that will deprive the Empire of some very deadly weapons (T-7 ion disruptors) and earn them some much needed cash. “Zeb,” however, seems concerned with the weapons they are seizing and is reluctant to pass them on to their buyer, Cikatro Vizago. It is later revealed that “Zeb’s” home world of Lasan was purged by the Empire using the same type of disruptor weapon. Nearly all Lasats were murdered in the planet’s purge. Even the Imperials are surprised to discover “Zeb” is a Lasat, believing their race to be practically extinct. Other than the Empire’s humanocentric views, it is currently unclear why Lasan was purged.

Jews in Warsaw, Poland are rounded up by Nazis.

The Empire’s actions on Lasan are reminiscent of the Nazi Empire and Imperial Japan during World War II. Both nations participated in the removal and mass murder of ethnic groups they believed were inferior. The Nazis participated in what is remembered as the Holocaust where an estimated eleven million innocent people were rounded up by the Nazis and murdered simply because they were Jewish, Slavic, Homosexual, and physically or mentally handicapped. The Japanese also engaged in criminal acts against humanity as they conquered vast territories across Asia and the Pacific. It is estimated that six million Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Filipino, and Indochinese civilians were murdered by the Japanese during World War II over nothing more than their nationality or ethnicity. Millions more were forced into slavery, working in a variety of labor intensive jobs that aided Germany and Japan's war effort.

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Honor Guards

Zeb and Agent Kallus duel using AB-75 bo-rifles.

It is revealed that “Zeb” was once a member of an elite military group known as the Honor Guard of Lasan. At this time, little is known about the Honor Guard of Lasan and “Zeb’s” role within the group, however, the term honor guard typically refers to military units that specialize in ceremony. Such ceremonies can include escorting state dignitaries, guarding national monuments, and funerals for fallen soldiers. Honor guards are also known as “guardians of the colors” because they escort and display the national flag at ceremonies. To be a member of an honor guard, a soldier must exhibit the highest standards of motivation, conduct and appearance. Our honor guards often make use of exclusive uniforms and weapons and the Honor Guard of Lasan was no different. Their soldiers carried the AB-75 bo-rifle, which dually served as a rifle and melee weapon.

An honor guard folds the US flag draped over President Kennedy's casket.

Honor Guards have been commonplace throughout much of organized military history. It is common to see honor guards at funerals of military veterans or civil servants like policemen and firemen. They are also routinely used at many sporting events to “present the colors” or national flag prior to singing the national anthem. It is highly competitive and difficult to become a member of an honor guard, thus there is a certain level of stature and respect that comes with earning a place in an Honor Guard.

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Reflection for Droids in Distress

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First posted on: December 06, 2014