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Season 1, Episode 7

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The Inquisitor continues his pursuit of the Ghost crew, while Ezra looks to make a connection with the Force.

“Ezra’s Fear” - Star Wars Rebels Clip

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The Inquisitor

In Gathering Forces, the crew of the Ghost is being pursued by the Inquisitor. At the last second, Tseebo repairs the ship’s navigation system and they make the jump to lightspeed. It appears the heroes have gotten away, but they soon realize the Imperials attached a tracking device to the Phantom, the Ghost’s detachable shuttle. Recognizing the danger the crew faces from the Inquisitor, Kanan decides to lure their pursuers away by taking Ezra and the Phantom to the abandoned base, Fort Anaxes where they will confront the Sith Lord.

During the hero’s journey, he or she is often required to make some sort of sacrifice in order to achieve a greater goal or attain some sort of insight. More often than not, this sacrifice is very painful, either in a physical, mental or spiritual sense.

Ezra embraces the Dark Side.

Kanan and Ezra purposely lure the Inquisitor to their location, willing to sacrifice their own lives to save their friends. As Kanan falters before the Inquisitor, Ezra steps up to the challenge and faces off with the Sith. In a vain attempt to save his master and friends, Ezra unknowingly channels the Dark Side and summons control of a Mega Fyrnock. Consumed with power he cannot control, Ezra passes out. When he awakens, Ezra senses that he has done something wrong.

In a way, Ezra has sacrificed his innocence through the realization that his friends are in grave danger as they face a deadly and powerful foe. Furthermore, Ezra discovers his Jedi training will be even more challenging because he must now face the omnipresence of the Dark Side. Although it is visibly painful to Ezra, his first encounter with the Dark Side will ultimately make him stronger as he works to become a Jedi Knight.

Monster Combat

Ezra reveals his fear.

Upon reaching Fort Anaxes, Kanan and Ezra face off with the Fyrnocks. Ezra’s self-confidence is shaken and he is visibly fearful. Kanan encourages Ezra to release his fear and when he does, Ezra gains control of the Force and the Fyrnocks.

Mythic stories are rife with the images of heroes fighting monsters. And these monsters do not have to be actual creatures but anything in life that we perceive to be a threat. If the hero does battle with this monster and survives, he will gain more power.

Kanan comforts Ezra after being consumed by the Dark Side.

In Gathering Forces, Ezra is battling physical monsters in the form of the Empire and the Fyrnocks. A less obvious monster that Ezra is fighting is his own fear. He is afraid to find out the truth about his parents’ fate, losing his master and friends to the Empire, and perhaps his own failure as a Padawan. He eventually overcomes his fear to gain control of the Fyrnocks, but unintentionally summons the Dark Side in an effort to save Kanan from the Inquisitor.

As Ezra moves forward on his journey of becoming a Jedi, he will continue to face physical monsters, but he will also confront the larger temptation of the Dark Side and decide if he will use his powers for good or evil.

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