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As a lifelong Star Wars fan and teacher of English at the High School level, I find critical thinking in mythology and story telling fascinating; it helps us to understand more about our culture and ourselves. I have a Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning, and love films, as well as literature. I also Blog for the Official Star Wars site on Education and the Saga.

As Co-Host of the Star Wars Podcast, Coffee With Kenobi, I help facilitate conversation that seeks to examine the Star Wars universe through a critical lens. When not exploring that galaxy from far, far away, I have a beautiful wife and three amazing boys. Be sure to check out our show when you get the chance, as This is the Podcast You're Looking for!

How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

Star Wars is ubiquitous in my classroom, as literature and writing provide many opportunities to feature George Lucas's saga with all of my high school students. Naturally, my classroom features posters that contain characters from both of Lucas' main franchises, but the real elements of Star Wars lie in class discussion and analysis. British Literature allows for Epics and Epic Heroes to be explored through the Star Wars mythos, as well as Shakespeare and tragedy. The film lore and mythology Lucas (and now Dave Filoni) have created lend themselves beautifully to the analytical tools every well rounded student of Literature should possess, and the films (as well as the Clone Wars) provide this. Naturally, Joseph Campbell has residence in our studies and discussion, as his Hero's Journey is ripe for the anlayis that all of my students are exposed to. In addition, the basic principles of Literature (plot, character, theme, symbols, motifs, metaphors, etc.) are all actively used for my Freshmen, as well as in discussion and analysis. For more information on how I use Star Wars in the Classroom, check out my Blogs on Star, or email me with any questions or suggestions you might have.

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