Bryan Young

Bryan Young
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Filmmaker, Author, and Journalist


Bryan Young is a filmmaker, author, and journalist. As an author, he wrote the bestselling comedy Lost at the Con, and the sci-fi novels Operation: Montauk and The Serpent's Head. He wrote A Children's History of Presidential Assassination, as well as comics for Slave Labor and Image. Most recently, he directed a documentary for PBS. As a journalist, he has a regular geek column in Salt Lake City Weekly, and frequently contributes to Huffington Post and Star Wars Insider. He's also the founder and editor-in-chief of the geek news site Big Shiny Robot! He also hosts the popular Star Wars podcast, Full of Sith.

How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom of Life

I travel around the country doing panels at conventions discussing the impact Star Wars has and use it often when I'm teaching story structure and writing classes. As one of the hosts of the Full of Sith podcast, Bryan talks directly to Star Wars fans about lessons learned in the Star Wars universe and encourages teachers to use it. For the summer of 2014, they hosted discussions with Craig Dickinson and his use of Star Wars in the classroom that shined a spotlight on the use of Star Wars in classrooms. As a blogger for the official Star Wars website, he helps teach film history through Star Wars with his "Cinema Behind Star Wars" column. There, he traces the origins of different moments in Star Wars and illuminates what classic bits of cinema inspired the films that mean so much to all of us in a scholarly way.

**All information shared with permission. Mr. Young's participation in The Rogues does not represent an endorsement by Lucasfilm, Ltd. or The Walt Disney Company.