Rogue 537's Bio

Ryan Read
Rogue 537

  • Name- Ryan Read
  • Content Area- Technology
  • Location- IL   USA
  • Current School- CICS Jackson
  • Grade Level- Administration
  • Teaching Since- 2011
  • Twitter- @Ryan7Read
  • Website-


Ryan Read has an MSeD in Instructional Technology with five years experience in the field. He has been a part of several conferences presenting on the use of iPad, chromebook, digital classroom and Technology Integration and the use of his creation, App Dice. Currently the Technology Coordinator for CICS Jackson K-8. Ryan continues to explore the changes in Educational Technology and classroom integration with the latest technology. He is presently pursuing his doctorate in Instructional Technology at Northern Illinois University.

How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

I have used Star Wars in the classroom from science, timelines, achievement badges to coding. I own a BB-8 Sphero that we have used for coding activities, STEAM and more. I have also used 3D printing ideas using Star Wars based ideas.

Available Resources

**All information shared with permission.