Rogue 516's Bio

David Block
Rogue 516

  • Name- David Block
  • Content Area- Fine Arts
  • Location- CA   USA
  • Current School- North Orange County ROP
  • Grade Level- High School
  • Teaching Since- 2015
  • Twitter- @wanabekenobi
  • Website-


I have been a graphic/web designer since 1990, and earned my bachelors degree in graphic design in 2004. In my career, I've been a production artist, graphic designer, web designer and art director, and currently operate a freelance design service ( With my extensive experience in the industry I teach my students about best practices for producing their work, as well as best practices for professional behavior. My Introduction to Graphic Arts class, previously available to only to high school and adult students, is the first program of its kind offered to Middle School Students. The curriculum focuses on teaching the tools and terminologies used, and students are taught to use the exact software found in the industry today, including Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. We discuss creative techniques, industry standards, and career development issues to give a real-world look at life as a graphic designer.

How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

I use Star Wars media like movie posters and movie clips, to teach about the principles of design, typography poster and logo design.

Available Resources

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