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Cordula Rohrmoser
Rogue 481

  • Name- Cordula Rohrmoser
  • Content Area- ELA
  • Location-   Germany
  • Current School- Haderslev Katedralskole
  • Grade Level- High School
  • Teaching Since- 2015
  • Twitter- @
  • Website-


How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

Well, I use StarWars as part of my Superhero unit. I start off by introducing my students to the first Hero of English Literature: Beowulf. I then move on to either Marvel or StarWars. My students love to discover that old concepts live on and on. It lets them realize, how connected past and present literatures are. It picks them up where they are and allows me to spiral them back to the past without them groaning. :) They learn about Protagonist, Antagonist, Heroic Code, Arc of Suspense with ease. I love it!

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