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Susan McGill
Rogue 311

  • Name- Susan McGill
  • Content Area- ELA
  • Location- CA   USA
  • Current School- Orinda Intermediate
  • Grade Level- Middle School
  • Teaching Since- 2013
  • Twitter- @CalBearTeach
  • Website-


How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

I teach Core 8, each section is 2 periods of ELA and US history. I use Yoda for grammar, and all the characters for archetypes in reading. I often refer to my students as "my young padawans". I often tell my students to use the force when they ask me an obvious question. I charge them to use their powers for good and not for evil. I am known for quoting Han and Obiwan, but I would like to incorporate the battle of Hoth into my history lessons, ie Civil War? Revolutionary War? Can't decide...

Available Resources

**All information shared with permission.