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Edmund R Maino
Rogue 280

  • Name- Edmund R Maino
  • Content Area- Social Studies
  • Location- CA   USA
  • Current School- Tehachapi
  • Grade Level- High School
  • Teaching Since- 2006
  • Twitter- @
  • Website-


How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

I teach AP government and economics to seniors as well as "regular" gov/econ. I use Star Wars on a daily basis within my classroom. In fact, my classroom is plastered with Darth Vader stuff . . . all bought by students! In my economics course, I have small micro videos that cover different types of graphs and concepts. These videos are linked on my PowerPoints via a LEGO Darth Vader (the video's themselves are called "Vader Video's"). Light sabers are great for supply/demand graphs, the Trade Federation is great to explain cartels, etc. In government the sky is the limit. I use Star Wars to explain the Senate, House, the creation of bills, the political manipulation that takes place behind the scene (Palpatine and Anakin's relationship works great for discussing political ideologies/political ideology creation), etc. I also have Darth Vader in all four corners of my room. I use him (or Anakin) as a constant individual who is faced with government and economic questions that must be answered (on tests this works great).

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