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Christina Poulos
Rogue 217

  • Name- Christina Poulos
  • Content Area- Social Studies
  • Location- FL   USA
  • Current School- Midway
  • Grade Level- Elementary
  • Teaching Since- 1990
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How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

I use a lot of Yoda Do or Do Not There is no try. I have a Star Wars ABC poster that I refer to, to help them learn their ABC's. We do the Stars Wars Read Day in Oct. I have Star Wars ABC's, Numbers, & Colors to read. We make Star Wars crafts. During 20 min of silent reading which they usually don't make until January I read as well. What do I read? Mostly Star Wars books. Sometime after January, while working on sight words, I read from the Star Wars book I'm reading so they can raise their hands when they hear a sight word. They think they can forget the sight words. I also show them how I have to sound out words because character & worlds aren't always known to me. Sometimes, if its short & easy, I write the word on the board & we sound it out. I discuss who I saw or met at Star Wars Weekends. I have had characters sign my above mentioned Star Wars books. They love that. I can always find something new to teach after those weekends. I go each weekend of Star Wars Weekends at Disney. I do a Star Wars Day in my room one of the last days of school. They can bring in Star Wars goodies. I bring in a bunch of my stuff & show a video of my collection. R2D2 wanders the room during the day. Yoda tells them stories. We have Star Wars puzzles & learning stations in my class. All kinds of centers on Teacher Pay I bought a lot of cool stuff to use at both Orlando Celebrations.

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