Rogue 214's Bio

Dave Marriott
Rogue 214

  • Name- Dave Marriott
  • Content Area- Science
  • Location- NC   USA
  • Current School- Stateside
  • Grade Level- Elementary
  • Teaching Since- 2002
  • Twitter- @educatorjedi
  • Website-


How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

Over the years I have incorporated Star Wars into many of my character education lessons- redemption, loyalty, and integrity. I present lessons to my school through our Monday Morning Meeting teaching the kids about "Jedi Wisdom", "Why we should be like Mandalorians" and "What The Rebel Alliance can teach us about Patriotism" (We are a themed school of national pride). Next year as I take on the role of a full time Makerspace administrator at our school I see more opportunities to incorporate robotics- Wookiee Tinkering, coding, and innovative problem solving (c'mon... would the Falcon have ever gotten anywhere without a little bit of that?)

Available Resources

**All information shared with permission.