Rogue 202's Bio

Michael Hakkarinen
Rogue 202

  • Name- Michael Hakkarinen
  • Content Area- Technology
  • Location- UT   USA
  • Current School- Utah Educators Network
  • Grade Level- Post-Secondary
  • Teaching Since- 2002
  • Twitter- @edtechakk
  • Website-


How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

Analogies. As an educational technology teacher specialist I'm often showing new tech tools to teachers who are sometimes a little resistant to change. The scene from The Empire Strikes Back when Han and Chewie try to make the jump to light speed and have the hyperdrive fail is my favorite video clip to show teachers and students as an example of what to do when technology fails. I also enjoy setting up trainings based on Star Wars themes and concepts. Last fall our "Blended Learning and Canvas K-12" training used the acronym B.L.A.C.K. We used this dark theme to create a Darth Vadar style "LMS Jedi" badge for the teachers who completed this PD series. Each of our break out sessions at these events used names like "Death Star Reconstruction and Data Collection", "Jedi Council Curriculum Meetings", and my favorite "Wookie Work Time".

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