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Scott Parks
Rogue 169

  • Name- Scott Parks
  • Content Area- Mathematics
  • Location- CA   USA
  • Current School- Cathedral City
  • Grade Level- High School
  • Teaching Since- 1999
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  • Website-


How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

In Geometry students build a 3D creature. Some have built R2D2 and they figure out volume and surface area using geometric formulas. Every year in AP Calculus the students are given my version of a Star Wars story where Han Solo must use Calculus in his navigations to evade the empire. It involves area and volume Integral calculus. Any use of Star Wars in a project - such as our parabola quadratic project - always enhances it. I also have an R2D2 phone in the class and lots of star wars items here and there around the room.

Available Resources

**All information shared with permission.