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James Worthington
Rogue 122

  • Name- James Worthington
  • Content Area- Religion
  • Location- NY   USA
  • Current School- Holy Apostles Orthodox Church
  • Grade Level- All levels
  • Teaching Since- 2010
  • Twitter- @adelphotheos
  • Website-


How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

My classroom is not the typical one with desks and chalk boards. Sometimes it has pews, and sometimes it is a lakeside at our summer camp. I am a priest of the Orthodox Christian Church, and therefore, it is my job to tell people about hope and joy. Hope is a great ingredient in our lives - that something better and more fulfilling is coming down the road for us. Another great thing that many people need to hear about is forgiveness and redemption - we have all fallen down, like Vader, and yet none is beyond redemption and forgiveness, as Luke knew. These themes are discussed, especially among my contemporary parishioners, with the themes of Star Wars. It often is valuable in understanding what is happening in their lives and how it can be healed. In the future, I hope to create a catechetical book using Star Wars as the hook, as well as study guides for movie nights with discussions around the theological themes therein.

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