Rogue 7 Bio

Jay Krebs
Rogue 7

  • Name- Jay (Joyce) Krebs
  • E-mail-
  • Content Area- Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Location- Ohio
  • Current School- Triway High School
  • Grade Level- High School
  • Teaching Since- 1993
  • Twitter-@JoyceKrebs


In addition to teaching, I also have the opportunity to incorporate Star Wars into my life in the following ways:

How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

My students just know that Mrs. Krebs is the biggest Star Wars fan they'll ever meet, and that Star Wars is a way of life for me. I don't use Star Wars lesson plans, per se, but I'm a teacher, I love Star Wars, and I'm not afraid to be proud of that fact! I guess that qualifies me as a Rogue, eh?

I do use a "quote of the day" on a white board. All of the quotes are Star Wars (either from the movies, books, or The Clone Wars). I try to choose a quote that has something to do with what I'm teaching at the time, but sometimes that can be difficult since I teach 5 different subjects in any given day: Culinary Arts, Personal Development, Child Care, Career Planning, Financial Management and even Textiles (sewing). I just try to pick something that "speaks" to the students. It's a way to bring my fandom into my classroom, and share some "food for thought" with my students at the same time.

I also just try to express my fandom in any way I can - I think it helps role model to the students that "it's OK to be who you are and express your passions for what you love, no matter what interests you have!" My classroom always has some sort of Star Wars-related decor, and I wear a Star Wars-themed apron when we're in foods labs.