Serve Like a Jedi


Star Wars fans have a long history of being generous with their "time, talent, and treasure." Organizations such as the 501st and Rebel Legion regularly participate in community service and fan clubs around the world frequently support local charities. We’d like to take this spirit of generosity even further and demonstrate on a global scale what makes the Star Wars community so special. This year, we hope you’ll join us on May the Fourth to commit to participating in an act of service to those in need. Like the Jedi who always strive to serve others, let’s focus on doing the same.

During all of the excitement of the numerous Star Wars Day festivities, let’s strive to provide assistance to those who need our help. No act of kindness is too small. Every instance of generosity matters. Let’s make time to make life better for someone else. On May the Fourth, let’s make time to SERVE LIKE A JEDI.

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