Creative Writing: Star Wars and A Letter Home

Many students are hesitant to express themselves through writing. Often, this is due to a lack of interest in the writing prompt. Get your reluctant students excited about writing by using Star Wars to spark their interest and creativity.

Just about any Star Wars related topic will work, but in the lesson below students will take on the role of a background character and write about their experiences.

A Letter Home

For this lesson, you will place your students in a scene from the Star Wars universe and have them write about their experience. For better reference, we suggest showing your students a relevant clip from the films or either Star Wars: The Clone Wars or Star Wars: Rebels. We've included some film clips from YouTube to help get you started. How far you go with these prompts is entirely up to you.

The Writing Prompt

Write home to your family or a friend and explain to them what you recently experienced.

For each scene, students should consider any of the following:

Suggested Film Clips

Stormtroopers Chase Han and Chewie on Disney Video

Look, sir -- Droids! on Disney Video

Pursued by the Empire on Disney Video

Attack on Echo Base on Disney Video


First posted on: March 29, 2014