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Jesse Armijo
Rogue 574

  • Name- Jesse Armijo
  • Content Area- Physical Education
  • Location- NM   USA
  • Current School- Manzano Day School
  • Grade Level- Elementary
  • Teaching Since- 2012
  • Twitter- @jesse_armijo
  • Website-


How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

I adapt games in physical education class and name them after Star Wars events or characters. One of the most popular games we play is Star Wars dodgeball. Students are spilt up into two teams, a light side and dark side, the there is one Jedi or Sith for each team and gym mats placed up as barriers or forts. The rules are very similar to regular dodgeball, however if you get hit, you immediately sit down and wait for your Jedi/Sith to tag you back into the game. There are two ways to win. One way is to hit the opposing teams Jedi/Sith or destroy the Death Star/Rebel Base. The Death Star or Rebel base is the basketball hoop on your side, so if the opposing team makes a basket with a dodgeball, then they win. I also play Star Wars themed music during this popular activity.

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