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Christine Leddon
Rogue 552

  • Name- Christine Leddon
  • Content Area- Social Studies
  • Location- KS   USA
  • Current School-
  • Grade Level- Elementary
  • Teaching Since- 1996
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How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

Since 1996 my husband and I have taught a program called "Chivalry for Children" which teaches the kids about the virtues it takes to be a knight in the 21st century: Charity, Courtesy, Courage, Honesty, Humility, Loyalty and Perseverance. Although the program is normally taught with an Arthurian theme, it can be modified to apply to any mythos that has strong, moral characters that exemplify the virtues (ex. Narnia, Lord of the Rings, the Tale of Despereaux, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek). For the Jedi version of the program, we use Star Wars themes and characters to help the kids connect with the virtues (as well as identify with a specific Star Wars role model for that virtue. As part of the presentation, we also include some of the moral lessons imparted by Star Wars story itself. In the past, we have presented the various versions of program in a traditional classroom setting, as well as at libraries, children's museums, Boy and Girl Scout camps and events as well as private parties. The Chivalry for Children program can be found on Facebook: Chivalry for Children.

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