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Gary Tydryszewski
Rogue 4

  • Name- Gary Tydryszewski
  • E-mail-
  • Content Area- ELA
  • Location- California
  • Current School- South High
  • Grade Level- High School
  • Teaching Since- 2010
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I have been teaching high school for four years in Bakersfield, California. I teach 9th grade English and 9-12 ESL at South High.

How I Use Star Wars in the Classroom

I currently use Star Wars as a culmination/transition from "The Odyssey" and a study of the Hero's Journey to Shakespeare's and "Romeo and Juliet." We analyze clips from the Star Wars saga in chronological order using David Adams Leeming's book "Mythology: the Voyage of the Hero." We then use a scene from "William Shakespeare's Star Wars" to introduce language and literary devices and prepare students for "Romeo and Juliet."

Available Resources

**All information shared with permission.